For every single possibilities can lead to another epilogue purpose, giving you a feeling of the effects of strategies

For every single possibilities can lead to another epilogue purpose, giving you a feeling of the effects of strategies

Completing Panam’s questline can get acquired you from inside the an excellent towards Aldecaldos, allowing you to get in touch with a favor and possess backup out-of the fresh new Nomads to battle the right path for the Arasaka Tower. You can easily purchase a bunch of go out on Aldecaldos with this one to around the several objectives, which includes additional tale beats if you’re along with in a romantic reference to Panam.

Over the course of a few objectives, you can in the course of time challenge to your Arasaka and get the right path for the Mikoshi, with Alt Cunningham. If you get in order to Mikoshi, you’ll have some other solutions you to decides the new ending: Head to The web having Alt and permit Johnny when planning on taking more than the body, otherwise come back to one’s body and you will face an ambiguous destiny. Should you choose to have V to go back so you’re able to his human anatomy, you’ll receive brand new Every Along side Watchtower epilogue, that will heavily feature new Aldecaldos. When the Johnny takes the human body, you will observe this new Start Is out epilogue.

Rogue’s Raid

Johnny has actually a strategy out of their own: You are taking Misty’s pills, bring Johnny control over the body, and help him raid Arasaka Tower just like he performed fifty many years earlier. Johnny’s package will be to call-up Rogue and you will great time into the fresh tower. It is possible to team up that have other mercenary, Weyland, that will supplement your into the tower. When you arrive, Weyland gets himself towards problems, and you can if or not you decide to go shortly after him will affect just how the fresh new goal plays out.

Ultimately, you’ll receive so you can Mikoshi, and also as with the Panam end, you’ll deal with an alternative: send Johnny with the The web and you will return V to help you their system, otherwise succeed Johnny to take the human body while you are V brains so you’re able to Online. If Johnny requires one’s body, you will see brand new Start Is out epilogue, just like for the Panam street. If the V efficiency to help you their body, he will become a night Urban area legend from the Road from Magnificence epilogue.

Path regarding Least Resistance

There can be that finish one enables you to forget about all of the finale objectives, if you want, and choose prevent V’s travel as opposed to damage other people. Once you go to the newest roof out-of Misty’s strengthening and work out the decision, choose one of your around three possibilities–however choose the alternative, “You may simply lay this in order to other people.”

Since you could have thought, on that roadway, V determines never to endeavor his destiny, opting alternatively to get rid of something versus actually attempting at Arasaka Tower and you can deleting this new biochip. Rather, he stops their existence with his handgun, taking your right to the finish credit and you can a series of messages out of letters you have interacted that have. They will have all the read how it happened so you’re able to V and get the certain feedback on which taken place, with some while making specific very good affairs about how precisely your decision has already established consequences past everything possess experienced.

The trick Finish

You will find an extra end you could potentially unlock, dubbed Dont Concern Brand new Reaper, but it is hard to see and you will difficult to do. So it end need that keeps a well positive reference to Johnny and gives you an opportunity to assault Arasaka Tower without risking the lifetime off anybody else–putting your at a critical drawback. As the Johnny notes, it’s generally a suicide work with, and it’s really one particular explicit endgame means offered.

To locate usage of which end, you have to make certain conversation selection during the a switch minute in the Chippin’ Inside the front side goal. We a complete details lower than.

Unlocking The trick Ending

  • Undertake the Johnny-focused front mission Chippin’ When you look at the.
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