So they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder

So they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Also, people say it’s taboo to talk about marriage too soon, but I say if you know he/she’s the one, talking about it and understanding what each of your views are will only bring the relationship closer

At the end of the day, as much as I’d love to be married, with three children, living on a ranch with ponies, there’s nothing worse than being with the wrong person.

To say the least, I have not given myself any time to think about the relationship besides, I need to make money if I want to see him

” That is if you’re able to withstand the test of time. My boyfriend and I had met in Shanghai, China, working at the same school for over 8 months. We started traveling together on holidays and before we knew it, our year contract was up, and we had a decision to make.

I currently live in Dallas, Texas. My boyfriend is from London and lives in Saudi Arabia. Exactly 7,854 miles away. We haven’t seen each other but through the use of technological advancements of FaceTime/Skype/WhatsApp/WeChat since the end of . It is now October, and it’s been nearly 6 months.

It shall be the death of you. Agree on committing to the LDR, and carry on. From my experience and current situation, my boyfriend seems to be having a much easier time with this. He usually doesn’t mention how he misses me every single day nor does he whine about the distance as I do, but he simply talks about his work, family, and life as if the distance is nothing. I soon e a lot easier.

Stay focused on the long term goal: Being together at the end of it all. Make a list of all the things you want to do for yourself and do them. The positive side of being in a LDR is it’s only you that you have to worry about. You learn to be independent, love yourself, and add to your repertoire of “all things that make you worth someone waiting on and holding out for.” Since I have been back in Dallas, I have never been more busy in my life. I have joined 3 organizations; I’m actively volunteering and helping out with social media/marketing for 2 of the organizations; completed 2 5k runs; found and am currently working for a couple of promotional s on the weekends; landed a full time job; finished all of Season 4 American Horror Story on Netflix, all of Season 1 Jane the Virgin, and numerous films; and started my own company.

Again, I need to make money if I want to see him. The sooner you’re both on the same page, the better. After buckets of tears and hours of talk, a) know the duration of the long distance; b) know what each of you intend to be doing during that time i.e. work, school, hobbies, etc; c) know what to expect from each other i.e. how often you will talk to each other via phone, email, text; d) set rules i.e. “There’s no second chances with cheating,” and e) when you plan on seeing each other again.

Is the relationship worth it? If you’ve decided to commit to it, then stick with it. Months into the transition, I went out with friends for a few drinks. I was feeling a bit sad and vulnerable because after a wonderful girls’ night, I knew all of my girlfriends would be going back home to their boyfriends/husbands/lovers. I drunk dialed my boyfriend (mistake #1), expecting him to make me feel better (mistake #2), and blurted out, “I can’t do this long distance relationship for more than a year” (the biggest mistake of them all). In my head, I was thinking, if I said this, knowing he had already told me escort girl Montgomery it would be for at least 2 years, he’ll agree and find a way for us to be closer after a year. What actually happened was, he started thinking about it and suggested we end it since I said I can’t do it, and he didn’t want to be unfair to me. I went through all the stages of breakup over night, and told him, “You should reconsider,” and all he asked me was, “Are you sure?” because if I was sure, he was sure.

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