The most common interpretation is one to Angie was Angela Bowie herself, which have which Jagger purportedly (also) proceeded an affair

The most common interpretation is one to Angie was Angela Bowie herself, which have which Jagger purportedly (also) proceeded an affair

Angela Bowie’s revelations with the Joan Canals Reveal provided some so you can imagine your eponymous “Angie” wasn’t Angela, however, David Bowie.

Another common rumor try you to “Angie” ended up being from the Angela Richards, Keith Richards’ child by the actress Anita Pallenberg. (It was a very dumb rumor, as the Angela Richards is actually below a year-old whenever the fresh new Running Rocks filed “Angie.” It isn’t even likely that Mick Jagger only utilized this lady title for the song’s title, since she try in the first place entitled Dandelion because of the the girl mothers up to feeld she insisted toward identity Angela ten years afterwards.)

  • Another rumor had it you to definitely “Angie” involved Anita Pallenberg, that has flings having one another Moving Rocks players Brian Jones and you can Mick Jagger as well as a multiple-year relationship with Keith Richards.

But really conjecture over the title of “Angie” of Running Stone glory have long-past stopped getting a keen productive matter, good quieting off wagging tongues who’s yet , to happen towards totally new rumor, compared to Mick Jagger and you can David Bowie with sexual experience with one another

When an artist composes a track from the a disappointed love affair that have a good female’s label to own a name, the majority of us suppose it will was basically inspired because of the a great real-existence relationship which have people of that name (particularly if as it happens he realized a female called you to, it does not matter whom she was in their life). But really this could be not the case; songwriters regularly pen works where labels and you may facts is actually selected as they can fit the newest meter of one’s structure. Whilst track in itself will be the catharsis from deeply-experienced personal anxiety shown because the a particular (yet , entirely fictional) outpouring, or is an actual chronicle off an upsetting sense suffered with, it doesn’t always follow that girl just who stimulated right up those people feelings into the real life would-be given the exact same identity on the tune. Autobiography just goes yet – if the meter is not right, title goes.

Songwriters also provide authored bits situated to particular names merely since they liked this new voice ones: Buddy Holly did learn a good “Peggy Sue” (the wife from drummer Jerry Allison), nevertheless track was not predicated on one genuine-lifetime relationship anywhere between the girl and you can Pal. Both artists only develop for their audiences, churning out functions one expound through to popular enjoy their music-to get social often choose having (like heartwrenching partings). Having such choices, the newest eponymous woman shouldn’t have to become individuals genuine, as blogger is actually calling upon common themes with the material away from their tune.

Try “Angie” on anybody individual, or try the name merely plucked from the heavens? Do not discover. But we do know adequate regarding songs not to ever quickly finish that a track called with good girl’s term form the writer got an unhappy experience with a female of this label.

Were not successful like activities because the indicated inside the tune lyrics simply hold interest to have way too long, however, a good salacious rumor from the famous people engaging in a homosexual coupling have a tendency to alive so long as discover individuals recite they

Nonetheless, just like the denials commonly almost since the fascinating as gossip, new story you to definitely “your mind Stone was also asleep having [Angela’s] husband” give far and wide. Angela up coming muddied the challenge previously then together with her 1993 tell-all of the guide Backstage Seats, in which she disingenuously chided individuals for if in case what she had however designed to imply, while nevertheless admitting one to she herself however considered exactly what everybody else got assumed:

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Just what Partners In reality Did To their Wedding Night
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Le coppie aperte. La “coppia aperta” prevede la probabilita, da dose dei due membri della coppia, di coinvolgersi durante relazioni affettive e/o sessuali insieme prossimo partners, verso grado proprio oppure di duetto.

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