Their relationship became significantly to the stage where Kija usually publicly guard Hak and that’s defensive more than your too

Their relationship became significantly to the stage where Kija usually publicly guard Hak and that’s defensive more than your too

Hak forms a rivalry which have Kija after the second requires your to go out of Yona’s front side saying he was not any longer requisite. [15] His contempt into Kija even becomes more challenging whenever Yona asks Kija to protect him. [16] Afterwards, the guy phone calls him “White Snake” [17] and constantly utilizes his bodybuilder chat rooms entomophobia (anxiety about bugs). Even after the rugged matchmaking, Hak takes into account Kija’s capacity to be invigorating as there is zero person who battled like him during the castle. [18] They are able to battle near to each other perfectly despite perhaps not very first delivering collectively, as they show the common goal of securing Yona.

After, their competition appears to have generally faded and so they frequently respect both just like the family relations, even if it however a good-character bicker from time to time. Kija generally seems to imagine Hak a keen honorary aunt, as he requires Hak to name him “Big brother”–an offer that Hak promptly declines, though the exchange still encourages an inner monologue regarding how thankful Hak is actually for Kija therefore the others having him or her in the his and you can Yona’s existence.

For example, Kija, along with Jae-Ha, needed to held Hak back away from attacking and most likely killing Soo-Acquired during the part 91 and soon after in chapter 122 the guy and you may Jae-Ha publicly defended your when he is endangered because of the Heavens Standard Han Joo-Doh as he managed to get identified one to Hak should buy exactly what he did of trying so you’re able to destroy Soo-Acquired. And additionally, as facts goes on Kija somewhat supporting out of Yona and Hak’s flowering relationship, despite his personal personal feelings into Yona and also managed to get identified which he won’t come into between the two. That it choice is probably due to the fact that from inside the part 125 the guy, Jae-Ha and Yoon got heard of Yona’s previous affection to have Soo-Won, for this reason , Hak never ever pursued people partnership along with her.

Shin-Ah [ ]

Even though they will not show of many connections, Hak takes into account Shin-Ah a competent people. [19] He plus thinks that as long as Shin-Ah wears their cover-up, nobody can strategy Yona without difficulty. When in demand for option dresses to hide his term, Hak requires Shin-Ah’s fur and you can throws they more their direct. [20] Hak hasn’t given Shin-Ah a nickname, due to Shin-ah’s more gentle public exposure and you can anxiety. Later, it produce a little close, usually being trained that have everyday chats with her. Its relationship began way more stronger occurs when Shin-Ah is easily capable give that Hak try upset following a misconception between your and you may Yona.

Jae-Ha [ ]

Just like his relationship with Kija, Hak bullies Jae-Ha at each you can moment and you may smacks your as he flirts which have Yona who therefore does not understand otherwise remember that he could be flirting their. Throughout their earliest activities, Hak located your to-be extremely talkative and piqued his notice on account of their fixation toward freedom. [21] Hak and additionally rapidly deemed your an excellent pervert, when Jae-Ha’s attempts to rating him to participate Gi-Gan’s pirate staff was in fact naturally mistaken for come-ons. When Jae-Ha are shown to be the new Ryokuryuu, Hak end up being begrudging allies which have him, and you will Jae-Ha quickly requires in order to teasing Hak relentlessly in the his clear affections to possess Yona. [22] [23] Despite initially distaste, the guy takes into account Jae-Ha become a beneficial fighter plus admits so it are inconvenient if the he isn’t doing and if there was a battle. Hak seems relaxed discussing their commitments that have your. [24] Hak is the merely individual Jae-Ha cannot utilize the “-kun” honorific for from inside the Delighted Hungry Pile, indicating that he considers Hak his equal in maturity. However, occasionally however tend to tease him to possess enjoyable in which Hak carry out strike him in which Jae-Ha enjoys owed him getting masochist.

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