This needs to be done about an hour or so before the sex will begin

This needs to be done about an hour or so before the sex will <a href="">–jerusalem-israel-faith-quotes.jpg” alt=”senior seznamovací aplikace”></a> begin

One assumes, if you’re organizing a gang bang, that you’re prepared for the onslaught of cock. At first blush it might not sound like that big of deal, but having multiple cocks penetrate you simultaneously is not as easy and logistically straightforward as it might sound.

It’s not uncommon to have first time jitters, especially if this is the first time you’ll be engaging strangers or people you’re not already comfortable with. Once you get started sucking cock, though, things will begin to flow normally – you’ll get into automatic mode where your knowing how to fuck will take over. Some women will even go through a meditation or other ritual prior to engaging in the bang to calm their nerves.

Any kind of sex play should be wholly consensual and you shouldn’t feel goaded into the gang bang simply because all of these people are here

Once you get started, just focus on doing what you can do and enjoying the feeling of being used as a fuck toy. You’re going to be surprised at the new, unique sensations you encounter as all of these men penetrate you and interact with your body. You might consider being blindfolded – this allows you to enjoy the sensations of being fucked and allows the men to see you more as an object rather than a human being (if that’s a portion of what you’re aiming for).

In my opinion, you should have at least been involved in a threesome with two men prior to attempting a gang bang, just to give you some experience managing more than one cock at a time

It’s important to note that, if at any time, you get cold feet and decide that you can’t go through with it or need to stop, it is perfectly acceptable to back out. They will understand.

Stretch. You’ll be bent into positions you’ve likely never been in before so everyone can reach a hole. It will be an athletic performance, and just as any other athlete does prior to the game, they stretch their muscles to prevent cramps and injuries.

You’ll want to avail yourself of an enema to clean out your rectum if you’re going to be allowing anal penetration (and probably even if you don’t, just because you’ll be pushing at times and may not be able to control your rectum if things get wild). [Instructions on using enemas can be found HERE]

You’ll also want to avoid any serious eating for a couple of hours before the bang as well, for two reasons. First, within a half hour or so of eating your lower digestive system will move material down into your rectum to be discharged – not good especially if you’re going to be allowing anal penetration. Second, you don’t want a full stomach if you’re going to have cocks entering your throat (even if you’re accustomed to being throat fucked), especially if you’re going to be in any position where your head is lower than your abdomen, for obvious reasons.

You may eat some crackers (or other benign material) and drink water prior to the event, however, to keep your stomach stable. This is especially important if you’re going to be swallowing semen over the course of the gang bang. Swallowing a lot of semen on an empty stomach can give you nausea, possibly interrupting the proceedings.

Either you or your Monitor will need to explain the rules of engagement to the participants. You’ll need to let them know what holes are available for penetration, rules for covers, physical activity limits. Things to outline include:

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