Wow, reading this blog was really interesting, my brother signed up for “Shop to Earn” through a good friend

Wow, reading <a href="">girlsdatefor</a> this blog was really interesting, my brother signed up for “Shop to Earn” through a good friend

We have all heard the saying; “the buyer beware” or with any contract, you need to read the fine print

He wanted me to take a look at the marketing plan. It’s very well done, but not for me. I agree if you are doing a lot of spending with your credit card and not getting cash back for your purchases, you are leaving money on the table. We use the Discover Card for as many expenses as possible and pay off the full balance “every” month. We get back hundreds of dollars per year for carrying less cash around and exercising discipline. You have to take your hat off to the group that dreamed up Shop to Earn

Hi Deborah: Not sure about the “devil’ comment. I know all the details of the ste contract…especially the commission schedule portion. I know everyone gets paid on time and accurately each month. STE is a business for me. Typically with any business venture there is risk involved. Buying a franchise, signing a lease and personally guranteeing the lease, hiring employees and hoping that they don’t sue YOU if a co-worker looks at the them the wrong way. This is a huge undertaking. And we all know that most will fail and the person ends up in debt. When you compare $448 to buying even a small sandwich shop or starting a hair salon etc, this is a no brainer.

How many ” old fashioned” businesses can turn a profit in their first 3 months?how about the first year? STE can return your money back in hours. If you fail at the business end…well then just shop and get your cash back…no victims here.

To compound our dollars, we also shop through a Rewards Mall, (it has over 1000 on line stores) that’s free, there are not set up fees etc

There are lots of rewards malls all over the internet. They make their money by skimming some of the cash back (STE pays it all to us) and by the credit card usage fees they broker too. That’s ok. But its NOT a business. Realistically, probably less than 2% of American even know about cash back portals and even less use them effectively. Part of my business is getting paid to spread the word and sell cash-back ste webportals. The more that are sold the more money me and my team makes. We sell a “Mercedes quality” cash-back web portal for $349 . . . not everyone appreciates a fine machine…some want a hyundai….that’s ok…both will get you to the game on time. Both have a place in the market.

STE accepts Discover, so lots of people double dip. STE even gives cash back on gift cards so some people buy them, get 5% cash back, then use them on the website and get another 5% cash back. Most stores allow this and dont mind this double-dip . . . why? because on-line shopping is 50-70% more profitable for the retailer than brick and mortar. Anyway… I will keep running my business . . . each month I do less and less and make more and more. Its been almost 20 months now.

When some skeptics ask me ” hey Joe, how’s that pyramid thing you got involved in last year? ” I respond, ” You mean Shop to Earn? yeah . . . I am almost done with that thing.” They get all smug and say, “hmm didnt work out huh?”. I say, “No, actually it worked out just as I planned … focus for 2-3 years and walk away with $150k a month forever and ever” How much cash in a CD do you need to earn that every month?

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