The first Marina resort in Iran,  in the north eastern coast of the beautiful Kish island in Persian Gulf adjacent to Marina Park Hotel which includes a wave/water breaker, as well as installation of floating pontoons.provides pontoon mooring facilities for over 280 boats ranging from 4m to 25m long. Thanking to its facilities including maritime store, boat rental, boat service, water sports club, restaurant, coffee shop and play grounds, biggest yacht show room in iran, the marina complex is one of the best in Persian Gulf.

You can have a delightful stay in this great 5 star hotel while you can enjoy from various water sports in only 5 star water sport club in kish island, diving adventures, yacht chartering and beach restaurant and lounges with fantastic view.

What we deliver in Marina kish:

  • Yacht sales and Charter
  • All after sales services for vessels
  • Providing needed spare parts for any type of boats
  • Regular maintenance of the vessels and their accessories
  • Repair services for the vessel’s body and its equipment
  • Providing all pre and post sailing services
  • Providing Fuel, water and electricity supply
  • The biggest water sport club throw Iran.
  • Restaurant and beach lounge